Adaptation and Psychometric Properties of Suicide Resilience Inventory

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Saba Yasien , Washdev & Amna


Resilience is the process to adapt successfully after adverse life events. This study aimed to translate/adapt the Suicide Resilience Inventory (SRI) and to establish psychometric properties of translated version in Pakistan. This study was carried out in two phases. The first phase was aimed to translate and adapt the Suicide Resilience Inventory in Urdu language and second was to estimate the validity and reliability of the translated version. The sample for the study comprised 250 students including 100 males, and 150 females. The sample age ranged between 18 to 25 years with mean age of 21.1. The standard procedure of forward and backward translation was followed. Cronbach’s alpha coefficient for internal consistency reliability for Urdu version of SRI was found acceptable ranging from .76 to .87. Further, confirmatory factor analysis provides additional empirical support for invariance of the 3-factor model of the SRI. Urdu version of Suicide Resilience Inventory found reliable and valid to check the resilient factors against suicidal behaviors among the Pakistani students.


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Saba Yasien , Washdev & Amna. (2022). Adaptation and Psychometric Properties of Suicide Resilience Inventory. Journal of Research in Social Sciences, 10(1).