Familial Commitments & Professional Efficiency: Family-to-Work Interference

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Dr. Irfan Raza
Badar Sultan Minhas
Dr. Nadeem Ahmad Awan


The present study tends to investigate the key aspects needed for employees to become productive within the organization. Performance usually represents output of employees through two major indicators i.e. punctuality and dedication. These indicators are deemed as significant contributors of overall job performance. The study contributes in exploring the effects of family commitments on punctuality and dedication of employees in their jobs. Familial bond is considered as a key societal relationship in effecting human resources from various
perspectives. Different studies are conducted to understand work-family conflicts and their effects on employees’ efficiency as well as effectiveness. These studies revealed that punctuality and dedication are influenced by different factors, where ‘environment at home’ is found as the key factor. Similar to the previous studies mainly conducted in western culture, results of the present study authenticate the proposed relationship between familial commitments and professional efficiency of employees. Moreover, effects of children on employee’s performance are noteworthy as infancy period needs extensive attention.


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Raza, D. I. ., Sultan Minhas, B., & Ahmad Awan, D. N. (2017). Familial Commitments & Professional Efficiency: Family-to-Work Interference. Journal of Research in Social Sciences, 5(1). https://doi.org/10.52015/jrss.5i1.196