Origins of Zionism and Fate of the Contested City

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Khan Muhammad Rafi
Muhammad Munib Khalid
Begum Sajida


Jerusalem is a custodian of holy history and is famous as "the city of peace." Contrary to this, it has been a battleground for longer than history knows. Many wars have been fought for the authority over this city, and history has witnessed the dispersal of Jewish communities over centuries until they started returning to the holy land. However, when one tries to figure out the reasons behind their return, Zionism prompts. Do the Zionist views of nationhood and their Movement reflect Jewishness, or are they just another modus operandi. Why did Jews come to the Holy Land after a bi-millennial dispersal and absence, and why are they so obsessed with the holy city? These inquiries inextricably link to the nature of modus vivendi and changes in its natural order. Considering the divergent beliefs of Jews and Muslims, political and social distrust and a strong security challenge exist. Thus, the research requires a more logical approach. Through a mixed method to study the critical factors, this paper discusses the origins of the Zionist Movement and their desire to control Jerusalem absolutely and, based on this discussion, assesses the fate of this contested city.


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Muhammad Rafi, K., Khalid, M. M., & Sajida, B. (2023). Origins of Zionism and Fate of the Contested City. Journal of Research in Social Sciences, 11(1).