Changing Geopolitical Realities in Europe: The Case of Russia-Ukraine Conflict

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Dr Ghulam Mujadid
Saba Kiran


This article provides a comprehensive examination of the
different perspectives and the actions taken by Russia and United
States throughout the Ukrainian conflict, with an objective of
understanding the escalation of local hostilities in context of
global power struggle. It aims to cut through the prevalent biased,
self-serving narratives and offer an objective analysis of key
strategic maneuvers. U.S. is trying to extend NATO's influence
into Eastern Europe however Russia is endeavoring to reinforce
its sphere of influence in its neighboring territories. This study
seeks to clarify the complex network of interests and strategies
that have shaped the trajectory of the Ukraine conflict and to
consider how the involvement of these global powers has altered
its course and impact. By adopting a qualitative research
approach, this paper synthesizes data from an array of sources,
including books, academic journals, websites, and periodicals,
facilitating a clear understanding of the complex geopolitical
dynamics at play.


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Mujadid, G., & Kiran, S. (2024). Changing Geopolitical Realities in Europe: The Case of Russia-Ukraine Conflict. Journal of Research in Social Sciences, 12(1), 1–24.
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Dr Ghulam Mujadid, Department of Internaational Relations, National Defence University Islamabad.

Dr Ghulam Mujaddid is Assistant Professor of IR at National Defence University Islamabad. He is the former Acting Dean of the Faculty of Aerospace and Strategic Studies of Air University Islamabad. His areas of interest include state-society relations, national security, strategic stability and social conflict analysis.

Mailing Address; Assistant Professor, Department of International Relations, P2CC+GR8, E-9/3 E-9, Islamabad, Islamabad Capital Territory 44000. Email: