Published: 2024-01-14

Changing Geopolitical Realities in Europe: The Case of Russia-Ukraine Conflict

Dr Ghulam Mujadid, Saba Kiran


Abstract views: 212 / PDF downloads: 62

Pakistan in the Crosshairs and the Rising Stakes of Strategic Information Warfare

Dr. Sahibzada Muhammad Usman


Abstract views: 118 / PDF downloads: 44

The Rise of Militant Non-State Actors in the Middle East: Consequences for the Statehood

Dr. Syed Qandil Abbas, Syed Fraz Hussain Naqvi, Syeda Hudaisa Kazmi


Abstract views: 162 / PDF downloads: 35

WhatsApp Communication in Tanzanian Organizations

Dr. Faisal Hassan Issa, Sospeter Manyasi Makubi


Abstract views: 97 / PDF downloads: 46

Developing a Research Design based on the distinction of History from the Social Sciences

Dr. Rafia Riaz, Dr. Amanullah khan


Abstract views: 115 / PDF downloads: 28

Iran-Saudi Arabia Diplomatic Relations and China's Role in Regional Politics

Muhammad Bilal, Dr. Sajida Begum, Amina Farooq


Abstract views: 145 / PDF downloads: 72

Assessing the Vulnerabilities of Bioterrorism: Challenges and Prospects

Bushra Qamar, Dr. Adeel Irfan, Dr. Javed Iqbal


Abstract views: 137 / PDF downloads: 32