Exploration of Student-Centered Teaching Methods: Physics Curriculum Implementation Perspectives

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Haq Nawaz
Rafaqat Ali Akbar


Teaching methods are primary elements of curriculum. National curriculum provides for student-centered teaching methods including for the subject of physics. Focusing on the importance of teaching methods, the current quantitative study was planned to explore student-centered teaching methods used for physics curriculum implementation. The sample of the study comprised 2,880 science students selected through multistage sampling technique. Self-constructed questionnaire having 4-factors; small group discussion, project work, inquiry teaching and debate were used to collect the data from the respondents. The questionnaire was validated from the experts and pilot tested to ensure Cronbach’s Alpha reliability statistics; .823. The data were analyzed through descriptive statistics and independent sample t-test. Results declared that teachers were making 56% use of student-centered teaching methods. Furthermore, urban secondary schools’ teachers were making more use of student-centered teaching as compared to rural secondary schools’ teachers for curriculum implementation. Based on the results, it is recommended that physics teachers should be provided training in student-centered teaching methods for effective curriculum implementation.


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Nawaz, H. ., & Akbar, R. A. . (2021). Exploration of Student-Centered Teaching Methods: Physics Curriculum Implementation Perspectives. Journal of Research in Social Sciences, 9(2), 43–61. https://doi.org/10.52015/jrss.9i2.116